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Castle and manor house in Krupe

Castle and manor house in Krupe

The exhibition consists of architectonic details from Krupe castle between 1604 and 1608, build by Paweł Orzechowski, Chełm chamberlain, Suraż starost. The castle, erected on the tract leading from Krasnystaw to Chełm, near the river Krupianka, used to be a vast complex surrounded by ponds, backwaters of the river and the remains of a moat.

Presented objects include:

17th-century stove tiles as well as fragments of pottery and glassware

Photographs depicting manor house built by Jan Michał Rej before 1779 and rebuilt in 1840, as well as white-glazed stove tiles from the house

Pictures of a pyramid-shaped burial place in Krynica with a stone crowning of the tower of Paweł Orzechowski’s tomb

Author: Muzeum Regionalne w Krasnymstawie
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